Crushing it with Ladytron

Putting the final touches on the Don Walker Cycles backdrop that EAS coordinated for Don Walker for the upcoming North American handmade Bicycle Show. We went with a monochromatic theme with an emphasis on the craftsmanship inherent in the handmade industry defined via the scripted font and close up of Don’s hands at work. At 11ft-22 ft., we went monochromatic to put physical emphasis on the myriad colorful bikes on display in the booth.

Font is 1871 Dreamer Script based on the handwriting of American icon Walt Whitman. Pic is courtesy on Melissa Brewer of Melissa Brewer Photography.

Ladytron’s “Ghosts”–incredibly ambient electronica that lulls you into a trance you can’t escape–amongst other Euro pop and electronica… has helped me through this process. Gabe Lloyd of doubleL Studios put together the artwork for the backdrop. Huge effort on short notice on his part.

Word. Erv


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