A New Day Approaches

As our company launches this new website and athlete services, I take a minute to reflect upon a year spent in a state of business purgatory… one working tirelessly to bring this venture to a new frontier.

Athletics Cubed, Inc. is a dedicated expansion of Elite Athlete Services. Just a short year ago, what was once only a corporate umbrella for the Young Medalists youth coaching program, is now a cross-platform provider of athlete services to a range of athletes.

Now, as we go forth into 2010, our services have expanded to include elite coaching and management, brokered race services, and, hopefully, a UCI-sanctioned sprint grand prix series slated for the end of this year.

It’s been a demanding year. But one I hope brings prosperity and new life to our family and career. Check us out at athleticscubed.com.

All the best,



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